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Cat Rea’s story is one of survival, courage, and ultimately redemption. Her soul-drenched, gospel-tinged songs paint a picture of the human experience scarcely seen in an age of the processed and overproduced.

Hailing from the Berwick Hills estate in Middlesbrough, Cat, like so many has navigated the painful pathways of abuse, addiction, and loss but in the midst of trial and tribulation discovered a voice that rings out with freedom and hope.

With her new single (and video) Fire, Cat bears witness to her past but speaks with the conviction of her future, a declaration of resilience and joy with anthemic percussion and an undeniable hook.

She’s been lauded by BBC Radio, Premiere Gospel, and tastemakers far and wide, with her debut album Redemption on the way, Cat Rea is becoming the voice we need in these weary and embattled times.

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